What is paintball?

Paintball is a fun-filled pursuit sport where players use air powered markers to fire a round gelatin capsule filled with water soluble dye at their opponents. There are many types of game variations and even more types of playing arenas.

Is it safe?

Like all action sports (football, basketball, Soccer etc.) paintball can be dangerous unless adequate protection is worn and safety rules understood and followed. Paintball markers shoot a .68 caliber paintball. The paintball is a thin gelatin shell filled with a water soluble paint. Markers shoot the paintballs at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Since the paintballs are fairly light (only weighing a few grams each), they have little momentum while in flight, and thus are not lethal like the heavy lead projectiles fired from conventional firearms.

In addition to using a non-lethal projectile, paintball players *always* wear approved masks that include eye and face protection while on the playing field.

Safety is our top priority. We require paintball approved masks to be worn at all times while on the playing fields. Players not abiding by this rule will be warned once, if a player is found with their mask up or off while on the playing fields again they will be removed from the playing area. We also require that barrel “socks” (barrel cover that prevent projectiles from leaving your gun’s barrel) be used while players are in the registration and staging areas. Three infractions of the safety rules by an individual will result in the player being removed from play for the remainder of the day and no refund given. We want everyone to have a fun and SAFE time at Battlegrounds!

Does it hurt?

The paintballs break open upon impact, and generally cause very little pain. What pain is experienced is more of a stinging sensation from the paintball’s impact against the skin or through clothing. The stinging pain goes away after a few seconds. Of course, the closer you are to an opponent when shot, the higher the velocity of the paintball when it hits you. Thus, more pain may be experienced when shot at close range rather than farther away. To reduce the chances of close up shooting we have a 15ft “Surrender Rule”. What that means is if you or an opponent are within 15ft of each other you must offer the opponent the chance to surrender.

What should I wear to play paintball?

We recommend old, dark colored clothes and shoes or boots that you are not afraid to get dirty. We provide chest protectors to those that want them. Old military camos/bdus make great paintball clothes! Paintball is played on all types of terrain, sand, mud, gravel, grass. Getting dirty is part of the fun!

What weather do you play in?

We play in just about any weather aside from thunderstorms and lightning and extreme cold. Basically we will play rain or shine, sleet or snow so please come prepared. It is Indiana though which means the weather can change quickly. Player safety is our utmost concern, play will be halted at the first sign of severe weather.

What Do I Need To Bring?

All you need to bring is an adventuresome attitude and some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, we will provide the rest! We have everything you need to enjoy a day at the paintball field. Our rental equipment includes your marker, air tank, mask, protective vest and pod belts to carry additional paintballs on the field while playing. Please feel free to bring your lawn chairs and coolers and food if you like. We do have a small concession stand that serves hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, candy, drinks. Alcohol is not allowed, all coolers are subject to inspection. We also have large military tents and several large table areas to hang out in while not on the field.

Can I bring paintballs from other fields &/or stores?

No, Indy Battleground is a field paint only field. Paint must be bought from our field.

What is the age requirement to play paintball?

10 and up is the age to play regular paintball. We do have a low impact paintball for kids ages 7 and up!

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